About The Charles Commentaries

“Charles” is my spirit guide. He was active in my life as a child, and then became active again in my mid-30s. Prior to that he was my father’s guide, although their relationship to one-another was less collaborative. Charles is the “family spook”, I suppose.

He has asked me (doggedly pursued me, is more like it!) to share his “Commentaries” on the world with the world. I don’t claim to understand everything he says, or necessarily agree with all of it. But I do believe he is trying to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

“The Charles Commentaries” were originally intended to be a book, and that will happen. But in the meantime, I am sharing bite-sized portions of the “dictation” I’ve been taking, on and off, for the past two years.

What is Charles? He is, essentially, a disembodied spirit. He is not a spirit who has “crossed over”, such as those I encounter as a medium. He and his people did not die in the traditional sense. He tells me that they unlocked the secrets of quantum physics and consciously used that science to leave their physical bodies behind and travel throughout the universe. Charles has told me that within a century our scientists will also unlock the secrets of quantum physics and that life as we know it will dramatically change – for the better.

About Jeff the Medium

Having been a practicing medium for over 20 years, for the most part I worked only by word-of-mouth. In 2013 I left the corporate world in order to use my gift on a regular basis.

In addition to traditional readings, I provide consultations on paranormal matters including (but not limited to) “haunted” houses.
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